Thursday, 22 November 2012

Winners one and all.

So the ICN awards were annoucned and let me tell you guys its was a nerve jangleing couple of weeks. But in the finish Nestor picked up two awards. Best Indy comic and best overall Irish comic. But let me tell you these wins werent just for me and Mike, they were for everyone who put in such great time, effort and care to the comic. Emily, Anthony, Paul, Rob and Adien  Id just like to give  thanks from Mike and Myself for all your hard work and hopefully well do this agien soon.

Id also like to thank all those of you who supported and voted for Nestor. Your all Legends in my book.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Yo its been donkeys since Ive updated here and so much has happened. Nestor is in comic book stores in both Galway and Dublin and their finding it hard to keep the books on the shelves which is sweet.
Also the nominations for the ICN awards are up and we're pushing for a few of them.
Heres some suggestions for your consideration. Nestor for best Indy Irish Comic. Mike Lynch and myself for best Indy writers. Charlene Bennet's blog at for best comic blog.Last but by elder gods not least Anthony O'Neill or Paul McCallan for the Best Indy Irish Artists.
Your votes would be very much welcome.

Ive also entered a short story compatition although two things are going to screw me over (1) My spelling or there lack of and (2) trying to decide an ending. Hopefully it'll pan out.

Also Anthony O’Neill done a kick ass interview for Geek Syndicate and you can check it out right here.

and speaking of Anthony he's looking a bit off lately....what do you guys think?

Happy Halloween kats and Kittans!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nestor issue 2 is here!

Its been ages since Ive put somthing up here which is mental cause so much has happened. Nestor part two has arrived in print form and Mike, Anto and myself got our mitts on it. Since Anto put his blood,sweat and tears into the book ((really thats how he inked it)),  we decided that he should have the first issue. In fairness it was blokes first published work and the look on his face alone was worth it.

Aidan, Mike,Myself and Anthony with the 1st and 2nd issue of Nestor
((Photo courtesy of Charlene Bennet. Check out her blog at

You can buy Nestor issue one and two at Indy planet. Heres the link:

Last and buy far not the least we got ourselves a review in Comic Heros which is cool although I am a bit miffed due to a reason im not going to dwell on too much but reguardless check it out its a sweet review.

Also congrats to a friend of my mine Rachael Tierney. She had a talk on Branding and promoting Kilkee and what I hear she blew them away. Heres a link to the facebook page she set up.!/pages/Always-remember-Kilkee-makes-you-smile/336005203109137

Thursday, 7 June 2012

News from the North

Well Mike and I had a blast at 2D. The comic con held in Derry gave us a chance to rubb shoulders with the likes of John Higgins and Ger Hankey ((really those tables were tight)) We got to sell our wares as well as premote  CoimicĂ­ Gaels Ri-Ra. Everyone was so nice and welcoming,we even done a Podcast with the lads from Lighting Strike Comics and Zombies Hii who were funny as fuck I might add. One thing I did notice is we should have brought our kick ass artist Anthony O' Neill,  people kept asking me and Mike for sketchs and commenting on the previews for issue two. People loved the guys art and couldnt wait to get their hands on Issue two to see what carnage the guy could dish out.

Speaking of which Anthony sent me some sweet concept art for our next project Salvage. Im not going to give two much away all Im going to say is think what Alien might have been like if Mary Shelley had come up with it.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

More Nestor News

So our comics doing really well. Having to do two more deliverys to the Ennis book shop with copies my self and Mike are delighted to see such support from people buying the book.

Also our friend at ICN Dave done a review of Nestor which can be found here.

Remamber you can catch all the news and Info on Abandoned comics home page.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Things are taking off.

First off I just like to thank everyone who turned up and showed intrest in our comic at the Independents Day convention in Dublin. There was a real buzz and intrest in the comic rangeing from Emily Kennys impressive logo design to Anthony O' Neills savage art work. We also made 50 copies of a free web comic and came home empty hand which was indeed encourgeing to see. All in all it was a fantastic day out and myself and Mike really enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole thing.

The only thing that did top that was when Mike recived 300 copies of the freshly printed Nestor thursday morning. It was quit a feeling having it in my hands and was amazing seeing the complete finished product right there. Saturday we headed into town and got the book into 3 of our local shops. In the Ennis Bookshop on Abbey Street and I. The market you can pick it up in the Sceal Eile BookShop and O Connor's. It was great to get local support and proves that its shops like these that still belive in supporting Irish companies and ideas.
The book is currently retailing at €3.50 and for more info checkout the Abandoned comics website or face book page.!/pages/Abandoned-Comics/301068763256088

Now that every thing is up and moving Mike and myself look forward to peoples feedback and reaction to the comic in hopes people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Abandoned Comics

Just to let you guys know that Mike Lynch and I have a brand spanking now Homepage for Abandoned Comics thanks to our very good friend Kelly McNeill. I think youll agree she done some great work on it.

Heres the link ------>  .

Also the living legend that is Anthony O' Neill has an art section up on facebook if you guys wanna check it out. ----->!/pages/Anthony-O-Neills-Art/159662397479260 .

Okay really excited cause Nestor is going to be unleshed real  guys youv been warned the comic worlds about to get messy!